Texans Connection Guide

Hello Texans families… as we get going in the 2020 season, we’re providing this connection guide. Please keep in mind that we have two main objectives for putting this effort into our website and social media accounts;
– Help keep the current families up to speed on games, practices and sharing videos and pictures.
– Provide a space for new families who may be looking for an outlet for their sons to play baseball, an opportunity to see what the Texans organization provides and how active we are.
With these goals in mind, we’re asking EVERYONE to connect and participate!

Website: www.austintexansbaseball.com
Once you’re on the website, there are several connections we’d like you to make.

Player Registration – Register your ball player (even if you’ve played with the Texans before!!). On the main menu at the top of the webpage, click on “Player Registration”.

Once you’ve opened the page, please fill out the form so that the team has the appropriate contact information, medical information, etc.

Site Registration for site content updates. On a tablet or computer the registration will be located on the left pane of any page on the website, while on mobile, it will be located toward the bottom. You may have to scroll down toward bottom of the home page before you see it. There will be a section noted as “Site Registration”.

Note that this is a separate registration than for your ball player. Fill in your name and email address, then click “Sign Up”…anytime a new post is made on the website, you will be sent an email alert.

Social Media
Whatever your preference, we have you covered!

You have two choices here…
1. Log into FaceBook, either on the internet or on mobile, search for @texansbaseballorg, or
2. Use the following link to navigate to the Texans FaceBook page, toward the bottom of the homepage, on the right pane is our FaceBook feed. Look for the following graphic and click on the “Like Page” button.

Again, two choices…
1. Log into Instagram, either on the internet or on mobile, search for Texanshomeschoolbaseball, or
2. Use the following link to navigate to the Texans Instagram page. Look for the following graphic toward the bottom of the screen, then click on the “Follow on Instagram” button.

Two options;
1. Login to Twitter on the internet or on mobile and search for @ATXtexans, or
2. Use the following link to navigate to the Texans Twitter page. Look for the following graphic on the screen, , select the blue “Follow” button with the Twitter bird.

Our intent is to capture video at as many games as possible this year. We have created a YouTube Channel. If you’d like to connect, navigate to YouTube.com, enter Austin Texans Baseball into the search field,

The following screen should show up, click on “subscribe”

Currently, you’ll see a video of the Luebbert’s dogs running around in their backyard Baseball is coming : )

Flickr is one of the most used photo sharing sites available. To connect, you will need to setup a “Free” account, which can hold up to 1,000 photos. We have created a group so that we can all share and distribute pictures. To create a Flickr account, navigate to flickr.com on the internet. Then select the “Start Free” button.

Fill in the appropriate information;

Once you have your account created, search for our group on your main page by entering Austin Texans Baseball, join group.

Here’s a link to the Texans Flickr page.

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